We repair all Asko appliances anywhere in Las Vegas 24/7. EZ Fix has a seasoned team of expert appliance repair technicians who specialize in Asko appliances and all of their featured washers, dryers and dishwashers. We repair all makes, models and types of Asko appliances including their commercial appliances and post-China merger with Gorenje Group (although we do charge an additional diagnostic fee for their commercial appliances). Asko can be a bit of a difficult brand to repair especially, when compared to classic American brands but, with us you're in good hands. From new Asko washers to older gas commercial dryers- one call will handle it all. Our EPA-registered repair techs also go the extra mile and they'll ensure that your dishwasher is heating properly to kill any sort of germs.

Additionally, we’re not like the competition where we will make you wait half the day for us to show up and then, wait another couple hours for your repairman to get the replacement part. We often times have many of the necessary replacement parts on our trucks which, helps us to ensure same day service. Our repair techs carry spare parts for many of Asko’s more common parts. Our repair techs service the entire Las Vegas metro area including Henderson and Boulder City. We are open 24/7 so please feel free to contact us anytime to schedule an appointment. You can trust us with your Asko refrigerator or oven.

Asko is one of Scandinavia’s best so you should only trust the best to repair your Asko appliance. 702-761-3130

Asko Refrigerator Repair

Give us a call today! We can fix any Asko freezer or refrigerator and save your groceries from going bad. Parts can be hard to come by for this brand but we're one of the few companies to carry some of the more common replacement parts.

Asko Oven Repair

No matter what the problem may be with your Asko oven- we can fix it! We are certified and insured to work on any gas powered unit including ovens, stoves, stove tops, washers and dryers.

Asko Stove Top Repair

Call our experts. Electronic stove tops can be difficult to repair especially, for the Asko brand. Much of our local competition has to walk away from electronic appliances while, we enjoy repairing them.

We Repair All Asko Model Appliances. Give us a call today and let EZ Fix repair your Asko Appliance! 702-761-3130