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The Best Commercial Appliance Repairmen in Las Vegas and Henderson

Our commercial repair specialists have 20+ years of experience repairing any and all makes of commercial appliances. Our commercial manager and master repairman has 30+ years of experience and he can repair everything from antique Westinghouse washers and old Classic Coke machines. We are also one of the few companies in Las Vegas to have our repairmen certified with the EPA. We practice environmentally friendly repair techniques and use only genuine parts mated to your specific commercial appliance. We go above and beyond all of the state's minimum laws required for safety. You can trust us with your restaurant equipment and business.

We Uphold the Highest Standard in Las Vegas for Water Purification

Our EPA certified repair techs will test your commercial freezer, water dispenser, ice machine or soda machine in order to ensure that it is more than safe to use as well as have customers consume. The state has strict standards for sanitary conditions and in many cases an expert repairman is required by law. We are proud to offer a trustworthy and valuable service and at half the cost of many of our main competitors (like Sears, P&C, Moyer, etc). We also have many of the necessary spare parts on hand in order to help ensure same day service. One call to EZ Fix will handle it all!

We are one of the few commercial appliance repair companies open 24/7 in Las Vegas!

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