Call EZ Fix 24-7 to repair any Whirlpool appliance in Las Vegas. EZ Fix Appliance Repair is the metro area's leading Whirlpool repair company. We repair all Whirlpool washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, stoves, cooktops, refrigerators and freezers. Our repair pro's fix it all plus we service wine coolers and commercial appliances.
There's truly nothing worse than a washer that does not clean correctly or produces stinky clothes. Whirlpool is a great brand however, time does take a toll on their appliances switching out a part will ensure most of Whirlpool washers and dryers will work perfectly for another 5 or 6 years. Honestly, those older white appliances you are going to want to keep. They simply do not manufacture appliances like they used to. Older white appliances are unmatched for reliability and durability. We always suggest getting these appliances repaired especially if you manage rental units.
Our EPA-registered repair techs only use eco-friendly materials when we repair ANY appliance and we only use genuine OEM replacement parts made by Whirlpool when we install any parts. We are a local and family-owned company so always see to it that the job gets done and done right the first time! EZ Fix is also proud to offer many discounts to all of our local seniors, vets, active duty, LEO, 1st Responders and Nonprofit Organizations (thank you for your service)!
We also service Summerlin, Boulder City, North Las Vegas and Henderson. We are also, one of the few companies in Vegas to offer 24/7 service so, please feel free to give us a call anytime if you are in need of assistance.


Although rare Whirlpool refrigerators can have flooding issues with older water lines as well as leaks from the bottom of your fridge. Give us a call today so we can stop any further water damage to your home.


We can adjust the levels of your dishwasher and ensure that it stops over-suddsing for once and for all. We will also double check to make sure that it is reaching the proper temperature to kill germs as well.


You can count on us to repair your freezer. We repair all types of freezers including chest freezers. Call our EZ Fix experts, we are the repairmen who can save your groceries from going bad.

EZ Fix Can Repair ANY Whirlpool Appliance 24-7!

Appliances We Always Repair On The Same-Day!

Washer Repair

Kirkland manufactures some of the best top-loader washers on the market. You should only trust the best with these types of units because, it is easy to make a simple problem worse when it comes to appliances.


We do dot have every single Kirkland replacement part on the market but, we are one of only a handful of repair companies in Vegas to carry many common Kirkland washer and dryer replacement parts.


We will also double and triple check that your water filter is up-to-date and in fine working order in your Kirkland refrigerator. The EPA has strict guidelines to ensure you and your family's safety for consuming clean drinking water.

Our EPA-registered appliance repair techs ONLY use eco-friendly materials when we repair your appliance. We will also double check that every water dispenser and ice maker only produces clean water!

EPA eco-friendly appliance repair Las Vegas

Give us a call today and let EZ Fix repair your Whirlpool appliance! It is the EZ'iest brand to repair for our Experts!