Tips to Avoid Broken Appliance Disasters

As seasoned repairmen in Las Vegas- we have seen it all!

However, nothing irks us more than having to repair appliances that with, some minor upkeep, could have avoided expensive maintenance costs. You would be surprised how fast an oven or a refrigerator can break down over the slightest of bad habits. Below are a few tips that will help extend the life of your home appliance.

Baking Soda in Your Fridge

Put baking soda in your refrigerator! It is a natural way of protecting your refrigerator from mold and spores. We all have those times where we forget to take the delivery food from the other day out of the fridge. Unfortunately, longer instances can lead to harmful molds thriving in your refrigerator (particularly with fruits and vegetables). Overtime and without proper cleaning, these molds can ruin your refrigerator and also cause your foods to go bad prematurely while, harming your health. These molds and their subsequent spores can be very harmful to your children as well. Thankfully, you have disinfectant and baking soda. If you have black mold, you will have to clean your refrigerator regardless and wipe it down. IF you do not however, then just always remember to keep an eye on your leftovers and switch out your box of baking soda ever 2 to 3 months max. IF the mold build up is too great then it would be best to call one of our certified repair experts to change your various filters, properly clean your refrigerator and also double check your water dispenser as well. Our service repair technicians are one of the few to be certified with the EPA in Las Vegas and we use only the safest of methods to repair your refrigerator to modern specifications.

The Drip Pan in Your Oven is Your Friend

The best and simplest thing to always remember to put in your oven before any use is a drip pan. Protecting your coils and broiler should be first and foremost. Even if your oven is “self cleaning” taking this precaution will extend the life of your oven. Extensive use of tin foil can also reduce harmful fumes that build up in your oven over tip and the foil can also help lessen drip accidents that harm your oven too.


That is it for this week’s tips. More to come soon next week on washers and dryers!