Often times, we will do our very best to try and make sure that your appliance needs the attention of one of our expert repairmen. Whether you are having trouble with a washer and dryer or fridge and freezer- we'll ask the right questions as well as give the right advice to see to it that your appliance absolutely requires our attention. For example, we get a ton of calls for dishwashers where people have put powder in a liquid detergent dishwasher dispenser only resulting in a severe clog (especially if it is a Samsung, LG or GE dishwasher). However, one potential easy fix for this problem is to put hot water from the sink into the detergent compartment and then, run the unit with no soap. Let it set for 24 hours then run it again with liquid beach. About 90% of the time this should work. This same exact solution can be applied to your clothes washer as well although it may take 2 to 3 cycles. Be sure to run your washer on hot. In addition, if you're refrigerator is giving you problems we will walk you through how to identify if it is a compressor that has went out and how much it may cost to repair. The compressor is the heart of your fridge and the most expensive replacement part in any refrigeration system. Also, it is very time consuming to install compressors as well. Its the equivalent of a motor change in your car. We will do our best to figure out if its even worth repairing your unit. Certain built-in luxury refrigerators you will certainly want to keep but, other models would be a waste of time for everyone. We'll always tell you outright if your appliance is worth repairing although, we will require certain information as well as some patience in order to research parts. If your appliance or fridge is giving you trouble and if you'd like some advice please feel free to contact us anytime.

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Our advice for repairing luxury appliances- don't touch it! Its easy to make a simple problem much worse and more expensive to repair.

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